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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Vienna, VA

Leading-Edge Dental Care for Vienna Smiles

Dental technology is constantly evolving, and to see evidence of that, all you need to do is visit Pace Dental of Vienna. Slow film X-rays have now been replaced by sharper and faster digital X-rays, and patients can even have impressions taken in minutes without biting into a mold filled with dental putty. To learn more about some of the exciting technology we’ll be using to maintain and improve your smile, read on below. When you’re ready to come experience our state-of-the-art approach to care for yourself, be sure to give us a call.

Occlusal Guards for TMJ

Patient with TMJ guard

A misaligned bite or nighttime teeth grinding can lead to chronic jaw pain, stiffness, and frequent headaches, but thankfully, most patients can get the relief they need just by wearing a custom oral appliance to bed. These are designed to fit comfortably over the teeth and slightly reposition the jaw to relieve any pressure being placed on sensitive nerves, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Over time, this will make any pain and symptoms go away.

Intraoral Camera

Instead of just shining a bright light into your mouth (and eyes!) during your checkups, Dr. Saad can instead get a crystal clear view of your teeth and gums using an intraoral camera. About the size of a pen, this device can capture high-resolution images he can display on a large monitor right by your chair. These make it easy for him to catch any potential problems as well as explain what he is seeing so you can fully understand your oral health.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays enable us to look at the teeth below the gum line where many cavities, infections, and even cancer can secretly develop. Compared to traditional film X-rays, our digital X-rays take much less time to produce, show much more detail, and better yet, they expose patients to 90% LESS radiation. We can even display a patient’s X-rays on a chairside monitor seconds after taking them so appointments can provide an informative and educational experience.

Digital Impression System

CEREC hand tool

Have you ever had a dental impression taken the traditional way? Most patients hate having the gooey dental putty in their mouth, and now, we can keep it safely put away thanks to our digital impression system. We simply use a small handheld instrument to quickly scan the teeth, and then sophisticated software pieces together dozens of images to create a highly accurate model of the bite. This method is not only fast, but we never have to waste time on retakes as well!

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry hand tool

Our soft tissue laser enables us to provide a wide range of services non-invasively that used to require incisions and sutures. For example, we can quickly and painlessly remove excess gum tissue to help a patient’s teeth and smile look fuller and more attractive, and we can fix a tongue or lip-tie in a matter of minutes without any bleeding or tears. The laser’s beam of light cauterizes and sanitizes the treatment area as it goes, meaning a patient feels practically nothing while in the chair, and recovery is short and easy as well!

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