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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Vienna, VA

Have Dental Questions? We Have the Answers!

Patients ask us questions every single day about everything you can imagine regarding their dental care, and we absolutely love it! Patient education is a big part of what we provide here at Pace Dental of Vienna, because the more someone knows, the healthier they usually are. If you have a question for our team, feel free to give us a call any time. Before that, however, we recommend looking over the answers to some of our most popular questions below.

How often should I get a checkup & cleaning?

This answer can differ from patient to patient depending on their specific needs, but on average, a person should get a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year, even if they aren’t experiencing any issues with their teeth. These routine services can go a long way in stopping minor problems before they can turn into major headaches.

Why do I need a dental cleaning even though I brush my teeth every day?

While daily brushing (and flossing!) is absolutely essential for a healthy smile, your tools at home simply aren’t able to reach every corner of your mouth, which allows plaque to develop. This can lead to cavities over time, but a professional dental cleaning is specifically designed to tackle everyone’s trouble spots. Most people only need two each year (in addition to daily hygiene) to stay 100% cavity-free!

I have a terrible toothache. What should I do?

Is there something stuck between your teeth? If so, rinse and floss around the hurting tooth to remove it. If not, then the source of the pain is likely an infection or crack in the enamel. You won’t be able to handle this kind of problem on your own, so be sure to give us a call as soon as you can. Until you can come see us, an OTC medication or cold compress should help provide some temporary relief.

What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

Even though there are a lot of whitening kits available at the store these days, by far the best way to brighten your smile is to get a professional treatment. At Pace Dental of Vienna, we offer Kor Whitening, which is able to eliminate the deep stains that most generic treatments leave behind. When applied by our team, Kor can make the teeth eight to 10 shades lighter without causing any sensitivity, which are results you simply won’t get with other methods!

Will you take my dental insurance?

More than likely, yes! Pace Dental of Vienna is in-network with several PPO dental insurance plans, and we’re happy to work with a long list of out-of-network policies as well. To learn more about how we could use your insurance benefits, give us a call today.

I don’t have dental insurance? Is there another way I can save on my dental care?

Yes! With the Pace Dental Smile Club, all you have to do is pay one flat fee to cover your basic dental care for the entire year. It offers many of the same benefits as a traditional dental insurance plan, but for a much lower price, and there are no deductibles, yearly maximums, or claim forms. You can learn more and sign up by giving us a call.

Have Questions? Get Answers.